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ADTRAN MX2800 Networking Equipment


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Description/ Features

The ADTRAN MX2800 system is an M13 multiplexer that consolidates T1 and E1 signals into a T3 circuit. The MX2800 Chassis houses two hot-swappable Controller Cards that provide 1-to-1 redundancy for the T1 and T3 signals. The MX2800 Chassis also houses redundant power supply cards. Features of the MX2800 Chassis include the following: Built in 1-to-1 redundancy, hot-swappable controller cards, independent, redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, embedded SNMP and Telnet management, simplified configuration through the VT100 terminal menu structure, capable of backhauling multiple service types (T1/E1), M13 and C-bit signaling support and it meets the requirements for NEBS Level 3.

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