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Newbridge 3630 Networking Equipment

Newbridge 3630

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The Newbridge 3630 MainStreet Primary Rate Multiplexer (PRM) serves as a customer premises gateway to multi-service networks for a wide range of equipment. The 3630 MainStreet is a high performance, compact, intelligent T1 (1.544 Mb/s) or E1 (2.048 Mb/s) multiplexer, terminating up to 30 voice or data circuits. It digitizes analog transmissions and integrates voice and data circuits for transmission on a primary rate link. The HDSL module enables E1 transmission rate over the local copper loop without the need for repeaters or generators. The manual ring down (MRD) module (North America) or GEN-GEN module (Europe) supports voice interfaces that are typically used by financial institutions for dealer room communication applications. The 3630 MainStreet offers many applications, including voice, data, and integrated voice and data networking; point-to-point and drop/insert applications; superate operation, providing connectivity for video conferencing, interconnecting LANs over the WAN; and leased bandwidth delivery in the local loop.

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